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  1. am nevoie si de steam id. Il gasesti cand scrii status in consola pe un sv random
  2. imgur.com/a/h8znuiV Astea sunt le-a lipit gresit cu forumul la inceput. Le-am vazut e curat doar ca gresise sectiunea am zis sa va ocupati ori tu ori gianny sa mute topicul
  3. clear, unbanned. Maybe was not without reason, maybe you've not given the ss! t.c
  4. i will do when you'll respect the request model.
  5. Come back when you respect the model t.c
  6. Gata, imi cer scuze aveai si pe steam id nu am stiu. Incearca sa intri daca nu poti da-mi pm
  7. Cuz u didn't respect the model and now also. Until u don't respect the model you are denied.