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  1. Hi, we accept only admin for now. The vip must be paid. You are new and you have to go on Teamspeak, we need to get to know with other admins and then we can talk about the vip with other founders. Leave me private message with nick and password
  2. Adminul in cauza va primi un avertisment t/c
  3. Salut. Va rog sa fiti atenti unde faceti topicurile asta e de la Teamspeak scrie clar mare si frumos numele de la sv nostru. Am sa vorbesc cu el. Lasa-mi te rog pm cu ip.
  4. Salut. Ai gresit sectiunea. Te rog vezi pe care sv ai luat ban si fa o cerere la categoria respectiva
  5. Pro. We need admins. Please be activ on server and ts3!
  6. Salut, 1 la mana te rog frumos sa respecti modelul de cerere si 2 la mana nu mai fa repost daca ai ceva de adaugat foloseste “edit” revino cu alta cerere. Respins t/c
  7. You put the same screenshot 5 times. Please upload all 5 ss or you’ll keep the ban.
  8. Ok i saw the pictures. Clear. You'll get unban
  9. Please upload the photos on imgur.com it's more easy for us. Then u will get unban. Thanks!