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  1. i have submitted my imgur to P A I N and scar they amx_ss me but ~`cFg`ci.# ~h$~ he dirctly ban me
  2. Nickname: Senzi · Server IP: · SteamID (numeric): playing non-steam · Date and time: forgot but today i joined ur server and then my game crashed then i open and connect to ur server showning banned 😞 · Admin:~`cFg`ci.# ~h$~ · Reason:he said i am Wallhack · Proof (necessary): he didnt amx_ss he directly banned me 😞
  3. Nick: Senzi · Age: 22 · Steam ID: i dont have · How old are you as an admin: 22 · You can help the server financially (YES / NO): NO 😞 · You read the rules: YES · You can entry on TS3: OK · What experience have before: i dont have any experience as admin · Link gametracker with your nickname: https://www.gametracker.rs/user_info/220864/ Senzi.exe