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  1. sorry topic should be [PoWeR] Admin Request "SCAR
  2. Nick: · Age: 28 · SteamID (if you have one): STEAM_0:1:550608002 · How old are you as an admin: i have 2 years of experience as admin · You can help the server financially (YES / NO): yes in future , when i move · You read the rules: yes i know all the rules · Key word · You can entry on TS3: yes i have · What experience have before: 2 years same server · Link gametracker with your nickname: Scar
  3. thank you guys 🙂❤️
  4. Nick-ul tău: Scar Prenume: Moksha Vârsta: 27 almost 28 Locaţia: Germany (Essen NRW) Ocupaţie: SAP consultant (work from home) Jocul(rile) preferat(e): Counter Strike 1.6 and Pubg are the games i play alot. Hobby-urile tale: my hobbies are eat sleep work play smoke repeat. Interese: camping and exploring are the two things which make me stop my routine day. Descriere personala: i am moksha , 27 years old . recently completed my masters in mech engg. i work from home so i play alot of cs1.6. i like to drink beers and chill with friends. De unde ai aflat de Comunitatea Aimerstyle?: lol i was banned 8 months ago since i dint knew how to upload ss at that time. so when i tried to connect to server it showed me this link and i got unbanned so that was the first time i knew about aimerstyle xd. Numele prietenilor aflati în comunitate (dacă există): too many friends to mention here, i play alot of cs1.6 so i am friends with almost everyone. O frază de sfârşit : Always believe in yourself .................. unless you suck
  5. hi eat me, zencii took screenshots of you while you were playing. you can find the screenshots in your cstrike folder (destination where you installed cs1.6). upload those images to www.imgur.com to get urself unbanned . thank you best regards Scar
  6. ok we will ask venom and tell you
  7. hi Irak , apply for unban using the unban application model.
  8. Scar


    flaszka, i understand that limit is 20mb in imgur.com . but you should also understand that we have a application model for unban requests . so apply for unban in that format. if you will not follow that application model , your request will be denied even if proofs are genuine.
  9. since u brought steam i unbanned you 🙂
  10. buy steam soon 😛 ,unban from my side.
  11. hi, The reason for your ban is you dint submit the screenshots taken by admin(bugs bunny). you can find the screenshots in your cstrike folder (the destination where you installed cs 1.6). upload those pics to www.imgur.com and paste the link here to get unbanned (same as uploading a photo in fb or any other site or just google it how to upload pics in imgur.com). thanks regards Scar

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