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  1. Topic moved to power, unban section.
  2. Just in case. Next time when you post in a wrong section, you're request will be ignored. First, read and then open a topic. This is for teamspeak not for power (our server). Topic moved to power, unban section. @ P A I NBila alba pt promtitudine.
  3. Mai jos ai un model care trebuie urmarit: Conditii: - Inainte de a deschide cererea, este necesar prezentarea unei dovezi concrete, altfel cererea va fi considerata nula. - In cadrul unei cereri unban se pastreaza un limbaj decent ,in caz contrar cererea va fi inchisa si marcata ca respinsa. - Cererile de unban efectuate dupa 24 h de la primirea banului vor fi respinse si inchise. Titlul topicului trebuie să fie : [Power] Cerere Unban Nume Model Cerere Unban: · NickName: · IP: · SteamID(cel numeric): · Data & Ora: · NickName-ul Admin-ului: · Motiv: · Dovezi (obligatoriu): Site-uri upload imagini/demo recomandate: - http://postimage.org - http://imgur.com - http://www.zippyshare.com - http://fileshare.ro
  4. Wrong section. Please provide a new topic on the right section. Here -> https://forum.aimerstyle.ro/index.php?/forum/25-unban-request/ T.c.

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