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  1. Printesa cere ! Printesa primeste ! 😘
  2. Whitelisted theat config is not exec ! you have unban ! tnk
  3. Why ban me? i send Wargod and picutes on imgur.    im "Mo"




    1. Andi90


      Ban Information
      Name: Mo
      Reason: see.you.on.forum!
      Unban Time: Permanent Ban
      Admin Name: giaNNy ;x ︻芫==一
      Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:555796979

  4. please come back with a complaint according to the model !
  5. salut aicea esti ?

  6. de data asta iti dau un ban dar data viitoare cand te crezi zeu si nu sti sa respecti nu mai ai ce cauta aici !
  7. Nu ma pot conecta gianny.. tot ban zice.. ms

  8. salut, am luat ban ca nu am pus pozele la timp  aici e linkul cu pozele


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