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  1. hello, it's that time again.. apparently it is not welcomed with pleasure when someone hits something, except of course the admins themselves (with double jump, run quietly etc) Do you actually know how long I've been playing for you? it's a shame that there are still admins who still question me. i have been playing this game for a while and like everyone else i have good and bad days when it comes to the game.. how many times I've been banned... and how often I've been accountable for it .. I'm slowly really losing interest in sitting down every time to explain myself. this time pictures were taken of me, which I uploaded directly and sent the link ... but I was banned immediately afterwards. sad, when admins can't accept that others are good too, question it immediately and banish it straight away. I supposedly have a VIP access, which somehow doesn't work. The Link to the pics who made from me before i get banned: https://imgur.com/a/MidEi7v Name: der SONNENBRILLENMANN ist da! SteamID: STEAM_0:0:9788819 Reason: wall.plangere.pe.forum Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: InStincKT Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63506588 Finally, I would like to say hello to everyone who knows me.
  2. It's that time again. no pictures, nothing .. directly banned. i just play .. Best regards Informacje o banie Nick: der SONNENBRILLENMANN ist da! IP: Powod: wall Czas do unbana: Permanent Ban Nick admina: MAX MADALIN BELVA Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:595503670
  3. It's a shame that apparently every admin gets rights for the server with you. i think you should have a lot of experience to do this. once again I was banned. no pictures or anything else were taken, directly banned. Greetings to everyone who knows me Nick: der SONNENBRILLENMANN ist da! SteamID: STEAM_0:0:9788819 Powod: wh Czas do unbana: Permanent Ban Nick admina: SoManyTears Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:547531650
  4. I had sent the pictures in Game to the admin. He thought I was using something that was not allowed. That's not the case. Here are the pictures again: https://imgur.com/a/uybwIJ0
  5. Am deja o mulțime de fotografii în dosar, care au fost făcute de administratori. Imaginile verzi nu sunt întotdeauna realizate. Ecranul devine verde, dar nu este realizată nicio imagine verde. Doar înainte și după (nu întotdeauna) Pe fotografiile făcute puteți vedea clar că nu se folosește nici o înșelătorie. Opinia mea. Care trișor s-ar deranja să se explice așa?.. bine, să așteptăm.. Salutari Edit by Knoxville: Cred ca noi doi vom avea o problema. E ultima data cand iti spun sa nu mai scrii cu un font pt orbi ca nu e nimeni orb de aici. La next iti iei un warn de ai sa te rogi sa te ti-l scot. E ultimul avertisment pe care ti-l dau fara sa imi folosesc accesul. Deja esti impertinent.
  6. De ce nu vorbești cu mine, ci mă interzici direct? Nu s-a făcut nicio poză verde! Dovadă din dosarul meu -> Link: https://imgur.com/a/RhfLif2 Salutari
  7. Bună, Nu știu care este întotdeauna problema. De fiecare dată când mă joc cu tine, trebuie să încarc poze și să-l trimit pe Wargod. Unii administratori mă cunosc, alții nu. În cele din urmă mi s-a cerut să încarc cele 5 fotografii pe care le-am făcut. Am făcut. Link: https://imgur.com/a/BA79DjZ Pozele au fost făcute și verificate de „Papi”. Atunci am fost interzis oricum?! Ar putea cineva să îmi explice asta în mod plauzibil? Nick: OMUL OCHELARILOR DE SOARE este aici! SteamID: STEAM_0: 0: 9788819 Powod: photo.forum Czas do unbana: Permanent Ban Nick admina: Tată Admin SteamID: STEAM_1: 0: 449458665 Textul a fost tradus cu google Salutari Edit by Knoxville: nu suntem orbi pe forum, poti scrie cu un font normal. Thanks.
  8. hey.. pls check why this admin "paquit0" ban me.
    he want pics and my pc shut down by doing.. here the link for it: https://imgur.com/a/qIQI4SF

    maybe u can tell him, that i play often there.


    Informacje o banie 
    Nick: #25655 
    Powod: no.ss 
    Czas do unbana: Permanent Ban 
    Nick admina: paquit0 
    Admin SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1132997255 





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