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  1. Ban Information Name: LoveLy STEAM_6:1:1370279267 IP: Reason: wall Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: CRD. Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:1776 Admin Und3r make ss on me then I find them and upload and give to him I vvas even spec and und3r said ok Im vvait him then map changed and this person crd ban me on starting nevv map. https://imgur.com/a/2wbj2xt https://imgur.com/a/DTl5Brw https://imgur.com/a/1QfBMvZ Honestly, I'm starting to get annoyed by the behavior of the admins, it's annoying to be checked 4-5 times every day, everything is fine and they check me again... I understand to be new person and they to check me ok, but Im play from some vveeks,I have accepted it so far. But now most of the admins see how I play and check me again and everything is repeated again and again. You will say this is their job. But it is not so, take from my point that it is annoying to be checked 4-5 times a day and they themselves see that I am clean and continue again. That way you lose the honest players. And most of the time when they check me, it's because I killed an admin and an investigation follows immediately ... Just because an admin has died doesn't mean that the other person is using a hack.
  2. Ban Information Name: LoveLy STEAM_6:1:1370279267 IP: Reason: no.ss/forum Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: [HELL]^1up Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:552 https://imgur.com/a/Qk3gf96 Let no one be offended, I do what you say, but it's a little annoying already.. For today this is my 4th check by the admins, yesterday I had 3 the other day again 3. I take it as a joke, I do what you say every time everything is fine and it goes on. These are 10 times in just 3 days, and in about two weeks I won't even list them. I'm coming in to have fun and not to break the rules, I don't know what you didn't understand that I'm not a hack Im just use sound. I've been playing this game almost since its inception, I'm old enough with a child, etc. to do nonsense. Again, let no one take it personally and not take offense, but it's a little annoying to be checked so many times a day and finally even banned me after not even looking at the link, but playing. I give him a link then Im wait a little and call him 1-3 times also in admin chat call him he dont reply and then ban,but continue to play... https://imgur.com/a/YEKz1yV https://imgur.com/a/DA0aLKT

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