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  1. Rejected , follow the [model] for request admin
  2. Accepted , Unbanned You should send pictures on request at server , then you don't get ban!
  3. accepted , unbanned
  4. Hello , please go cstrike folder you will find 5 picture , upload all 5 pictures at www.imgur.com as new post then send the link here
  5. I wish myself happiness and great achievements next year, happy birthday to me. 🎉🎊🎂


  6. @ xSosetaru English Hello i think the reason behind the ban when you late in sending pictures in the server to the admin Russian Google Translate Здравствуйте, причина бана, когда вы опаздываете с отправкой изображений на сервере админу You will got unban!
  7. Make A new request
  8. to consider your application please follow : [Model] Request Unban👍 Regards P A I N