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  2. to consider your application please follow : [Model] Request Unban👍 Regards P A I N
  3. Thank You guys ❤️ ❤️
  4. WELCOME BRO SCAR , you are da best in house 😉😈
  5. Nick-ul tău: P A I N Prenume: Murad Vârsta: 25 Locaţia: Jordan Ocupaţie: Jocul(rile) preferat(e): cs 1.6 / cs go / pubg Hobby-urile tale: Adventure, exploration, video games, cars, bikes and races Interese: Learn new things, new languages, meet good people around the world, communicate and communicate Descriere personala: I am Murad, I am 25 years old, I live in Jordan, and I am currently studying a master’s degree in management De unde ai aflat de Comunitatea Aimerstyle?: A year and a half ago I started playing in power aimerstyle ro , i Loved the server and admins , Then I got to
  6. · Nick P A I N · Date & Time 01/12/2020 | 10:21 PM · Admin you want complaint: dolan · Reason: insult admin , disrespect and bad words · Proof: https://imgur.com/a/0ofHUeM · Other specifications: hello Im admin P A I N , all admins and owners know me , know how i work and love to play here , As know we play classic maps only in de_inferno map i ask admins to vote , then i do vote for classic map , admin dolan say de_dust4ever is not classic map! then he do vote In half round for "not classic" maps and without asking admins ,the
  7. Hello my friend please sned a link for your Wargods scan report here Thank you P A I N