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  1. Kosmin


    acceptat the next time when you are banned you make the request unban in the corect section not here if not you remains with ban
  2. Kosmin


    Oke When banned what reason? you write a few words but you give me neither details about ban
  3. Un Ip un admin cine te a Banat ora ai un model
  4. You can play you have unban
  5. And where is that five photo ?
  6. respins i said on facebook somethink
  7. You have unban Is the last time you got unban if you dont respect the model
  8. Poți sa joci ai unban tu ai pus no ss la motiv
  9. posted your ip not ip server
  10. Respins you have model request
  11. acceptat poti juca pe sv
  12. acceptat pm cu nick si pass
  13. acceptat give me message with nick and password for admin