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  1. Still can't go in to server "You have been banned from this server."
  2. there is limit 20mb https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000083326-What-files-can-I-upload-What-is-the-size-limit-
  3. This "too large" message is after drop just one
  4. There would be no problem but your site have limit of file size, I wrote it every time when admins do me ss that your script do me 24MB jpg and imgur have limit so no I can't upload them there. Could you give this info in to some decided man (Kosmin?) that maybe you need to change upload side, or let me use different platform like abowe https://imgur.com/1kOQsCj https://imgur.com/ptEL96k
  5. · Nickname: flaszka · IP: · · SteamID (numeric): · STEAM_0:1:63994672 · Date and time: · now · Admin: andy · Reason: no ss · Proof (necessary): https://we.tl/t-arNVkDphJq SS was there but Andy is so lazy and he need to play instead wait on spec. And give answer why others understand when I wrote about limit of upload on imgur.com and andy not? if it is so important I will reduce size of those files.
  6. · Nickname: flaszka · IP: · SteamID (numeric): STEAM_0:1:63994672 · Date and time: 18.11.2020 · Admin: giaNNy ;x · Reason: SS · Proof (necessary): https://we.tl/t-stJ31gg1iY You are wrong giaNNy, my frustration have support here because of many scans and SS and before I'm not said nothing but yesterday was too much. And only one superstaring person here are you. If you have so many doubt about my game make some demos and analize them with rest of admins instead of pressing skans or requesting of th
  7. The truth is that you have no respect for seriuurs players and just keep them doing wg scans and ss mostly when you admin are shooted (comfirmed with other players), you not talking with each other admins and doing that another good server will be forgooten by next year becouse youd hight upper nose above others. What means back to school? just basics but you have are too many arogance and this little power in banning. Good luck in that. P.S 4K means LARGE WEIGHT FILES! no respected for imgur. You do 10 pics so here's 10 https://we.tl/t-IlrezMCUkE
  8. Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: giaNNy ;x Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:555796979 If you think you were banned unfairly, report this information to our website: aimerstyle.ro SECTIUNEA POWER. ***************POWER.AIMERSTYLE.RO*************** *Daca ai fost banat aiurea viziteaza : www.aimerstyle.ro -> seciutea POWER* Hi, dudes resign from imgur.com https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000083326-What-files-can-I-upload-What-is-the-size-limit- I've play on 4K monitor and SS creates around 25MB file, limit there is 20MB. This is second