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Epic bad Admin


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You guys really giving admin for all kids from the street?

This lame admin was: "giaNNy ;x ︻芫==一"
My name in game was "IDDQD = GoD MoDe oN" - Ip:
[SS] Adminul "giaNNy ;x ︻芫==一" ti-a facut 5 poze.
[SS] Nickul tau: "IDDQD = GoD MoDe oN" - Ip:
[SS] Data si ora: 04/26/2021 - 14:43:26 - Server: "PoWeR.AimerStyle.Ro # VIP FREE 00:00-12:00 # CSPOWER.INFO "
Its sad guys if someone can play you ban just because you have a lame admin :)
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imgur.com/a/h8znuiV Astea sunt le-a lipit gresit cu forumul la inceput. Le-am vazut e curat doar ca gresise sectiunea am zis sa va ocupati ori tu ori gianny sa mute topicul

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Posted (edited)

My bad: https://m.imgur.com/a/h8znuiV


Somehow the copy paste did not work as I expected.


And one more thing to consider:


I haven't played in the last 7 years that often, and it took me some time to find the 5 picture to upload.

The admin i guess known a very few English word because I tried to ask where I can find those pictures but did not receive any answer, just only this: "upload to Imgur" "upload to imgur"


Maybe just an idea but its worth to put a small info about where to find those 5 pictures and how to upload them etc to help people a bit out with that. (In case you have it already apologizes from my side I haven't find that.)


Take care guys.

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