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~ViocS~L'Aventurier banned tonight

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  Nickname: ·~ViocS~L'Aventurier

·       IP: ·

·       SteamID (numeric): ·STEAM_0:0:591156

·       Date and time: ·08/06/2021  around 22h00

·       Admin:   $asus$

·       Reason: I don't know, but assumption of cheating I assume

·       Proof (necessary): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2247062

Screen taken tonight by $asus$ :


I have been banned once again, like in january and in March : https://forum.aimerstyle.ro/index.php?/topic/438-~viocs~laventurier-banned-tonight/&tab=comments#comment-2340, but I do not cheat !!!

I want to add that $asus$ didn t give me the time to send the pictures and banned me very fast !!

I like your server, I always have the same pseudo, could you please inform your admins that I don t cheat, I am just an old player with a lot experience, and I especially like aztec and dustyaztec !!

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